Errors 1016, 403,

Some time ago I signed up for Cloudflare to help with SSL for a NAS drive I’m setting up. Due to other, higher priority things, that project has been on hold since last year.

Instead, I’ve been preparing a new iMac to take over for an old one. But the new one, running MacOS 10.14.4 and Chrome browser 74.0.3729.131, is having trouble accessing web sites. So for the time being I disconnected the NAS from my Cloudflare websites. Currently I have no sites using Cloudflare.

In particular, I’m getting 1016 error messages accessing several different web sites, with completely different domains. Also, when I tried accessing sites in the domain, I get a “403 Forbidden” error, with “Cloudflare” below it on the page. (I infer that is a Cloudflare product with functionality similar to regular Cloudflare but using an explicit domain in the URL instead of DNS forwarding.)

So I have two questions.

  1. Everything I’ve read about how Cloudflare works talks about web sites. If I’m not running a web server or displaying a web site, but instead want to use Cloudflare for security for WebDav access, Plex, etc., is this a legitimate use of Cloudflare?

  2. More urgently, why am I getting things like 1016/403 error messages on one computer and not another? As I understand Cloudflare’s architecture, it provides server-side security. How could there be problems with on the client side? All the troubleshooting instructions are for configuring Cloudfare to access the server, so how should I troubleshoot client-side problems?

In general, no. While webdav and HTTP-based protocols will work with Cloudflare, CF is mostly meant to secure websites. It’s also against the terms of service to use it for a “disproportionate percentage of non-HTML content”, so unless you’re running a website Cloudflare is not meant to protect your server.

To confirm, are you getting issues connecting to unrelated Cloudflare websites, or is this about your own domains?

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