ERRORDismissA URL contains a domain that is not active on CloudFlare

I’m trying to send a complaint to the domain.
The domain’s Whois shows that it has ns server owned by cloudflare.

Why does it give an error when submitting the form?

Example of a domain
I hid the domain so as not to promote it with a backlink

A URL contains a domain that is not active on CloudFlare

That domain is on Cloudflare but its record is not proxied, hence you dont need to contact Cloudflare but the host. You can do so at abuse @ ispiria . net.

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Thanks for the answer! I have about a hundred such domains. Can you tell me how I can identify their hosts?

Hundreds of what domains? Hundreds of domains you want to report?

Yes, these are dangerous resources that are engaged in document forgery.
I’ve already sent statements to the police.
List domain -

Please tell me how to check their hosting?

That will require regular DNS lookups with the respective whois. However that is beyond the scope of the forum here. It probably is best to hand that all over to the police.

Tell me, how did you find host for this domain?
I will search for all the hosts and write to them

But again, I am afraid thats off-topic for the forum here. You might want to ask at StackExchange.

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