Error521 Help!

Hello, I have a 521 error on my site since this morning.
I contacted my web host and they told me that the error was not coming from them and that I should get in touch with Cloudflare.

How can I fix this problem please?

That very much will be an error with your host I am afraid. The error message is quite explicit about the error itself. Your webserver is down.

Thank you very much Sandro for your quick response. I contacted my web server and they told me that the error would come from Cloudflare. Do I have to configure everything again or wait?

What is displayed on your screen does come from Cloudflare, but that is simply because your host’s webserver is not reachable. They need to make the server accessible again.

Would you feel comfortable sharing your server IP address here?

Yes, IP :

Yes, that machine definitely is not reachable. It is not even pingable.

You can remove the address again, if you want.

Ok so I have to configure everything on Cloudflare again?

Why? If that is the correct address and the one set on Cloudflare, there is nothing to configure. Your host needs to fix their server.

Aah ok.
So I will contact my host and the requester to repair the error.

Essentially, yes. You can point them to this thread if they become argumentative.

Ok thank you very much Sandro.
I’ll keep you posted.
Good day to you.

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