Error1105 Temporarily unavailable

We are facing a lot of Error1105 Temporarily unavailable and it goes the moment we refresh the page. Have raise support ticket with Cloudflare and have shared HAR file which they have asked but as of now there is no answer to this issue nor any fix.
Please help

Hi @user9361,

Did you get this issue sorted?

If not - a 1105 is generally shown by Cloudflare if the origin serves a response code that Cloudflare doesn’t recognise or reserves for its own use etc. You should check dev tools to see the response code from your origin.

For example, this error can be shown if you have maintenance mode enabled on a WordPress site with a specific plugin, this is due to this:

  • When the maintenance mode is enabled, WordPress returns the maintenance page with a 503.
  • Cloudflare sees the 503 and (as 503 is reserved by Cloudflare for IUA mode), therefore returns the 1105 to the visitor.

I hope this helps!

Apparently there is a community tip from @cloonan on this that I didn’t know existed!


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