Error zone.status.deactivated

Hello. There was a zone error.status.deactivated on one domain. Where can I see the reason for this status and how to fix it?

Where are you seeing this error? Is that domain still working through Cloudflare?

No, Cloudflare protection does not work. I have already understood what could be the reason for the suspicious activity and traffic of more than 1.5 TB per day. But I’m not sure of my reasoning. It is bad that there is no detailed and specific information about the domain disconnection, we only have to guess. Other domains work fine.
I wrote a letter to technical support with a request to clarify the situation, but hardly anyone will answer on the weekend.

Tech support is open 24/7. Can you post the ticket #?

You still didn’t say where you’re seeing this error. I’ve not seen it mentioned before.

An error occurred in the domain list on the Home tab. DNS settings continue to work, but it stopped working HTTPS, so I noticed that something is wrong. In principle, it is not critical, quickly issued a certificate through let’s Encrypt and everything started working again. But, it would be desirable to understand the reason of deactivation of a zone for the domain.

The only reason I know for a zone being deactivated is if the name servers are no longer set for Cloudflare. What’s the domain? How about that Ticket #? Cloudflare mods will most likely take a look at your ticket to see what’s going on.

I received a message after creating the theme here that the domain is disabled for violating the Cloudflare terms of use and a link to the agreement. But there are many points for which can disable the domain, and in the letter there is not a single word for what specific reason it happened.

Ooohhhhh, ok. Community can’t help you. Only the Abuse department can assist with this. Whatever is in that message they sent you is the only information that’s available.

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I understand that no one will help me in this, except technical support. This discussion can be closed.

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