Error: (XID whrhju) This domain points to an IP address that

I pointed 2 domains at Cloudflare.
Domain A is the public domain.

Domain B should redirect to domain A.

When I try to add Domain B as an add on domain in cPanel, I get this response:

Error: (XID whrhju) This domain points to an IP address that does not use the DNS servers associated with this server. Transfer the domain to this server’s nameservers at the domain’s registrar or update your system to recognize the current DNS servers. To do this, use WHM’s Configure Remote Service IPs interface.

However, both domains point to the same IP address.

What should I do to resolve this?


The domain does appear to be pointed at Cloudflare. Heres’s a screenshot:

Here’s a screenshot confirming the DNS configuration:

So you want domain B to REDIRECT to domain A, yes? In that case you don’t need to set up domain B on your server at all; it doesn’t even need to know that domain B exists. Make sure the DNS entry for domain B is orange-clouded, and then use a Page Rule to redirect the traffic.

Thanks for your help!
I removed all DNS entries and added these page rules:

That will only forward the front page of the site (maybe that’s what you want, maybe not)

If you want to forward all URLs, preserving the URL path, do like this:

If you want to forward all URLs, but strip the URL path and just forward everything to the front page:

(Basically it’s the same except the $1 was removed)

also you could consolidate it down to a single page rule covering both the apex domain and www, preserving URL path:

Also I just noticed the “removed all DNS entries” part… hopefully you tested after… in order for page rules to work, there does need to be a DNS entry, and it does need to be orange-clouded, however, if you’re only using it for forwarding, it doesn’t matter what the target of the DNS entry is

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