Error with sending emails

I use Gmail to receive and send my email through "[email protected]". Recently I configure DNS Record For this but now I can receive Email but I can’t send through my mail ([email protected]).

That “Message not delivered” message is not a Cloudflare error. That sure looks like a Gmail message. And it’s pretty clear it’s a mail account problem.

And looking at your DNS entries, your MX records point to two different mail servers: one belongs to you, and all the rest belong to Google. And yours takes priority over the others.


Ok, Thanks
so my MX Records and priority is wrong? should not exist if you’re using Gmail for your domain.

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I using this option in Gmail account:

I can receive email but i cannot send a new email or reply with [email protected]

So should be remove?

I misunderstood…you’re not using Gmail for your domain…you’re only using it as a mail client.

In that case, you need to get rid of all those MX records that point to google. Google is not the mail server for your domain.

Your Gmail client is only allowed to send/receive email from the [email protected] account. Something is wrong with how you’re suing Gmail as a mail client. You’ll have to check the Gmail forums on how to fix this.

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Change the Email account password on my webhost (cpanel - webmail) solved the problem. Thanks

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