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Hey Guys
My Robots text is showing weirdly in Bing and a website checker ( see below ) also I have lost a lot of impressions with Google recently. Bing hasn’t indexed my website for nearly a year - possibly since I started using Cloudflare.

Robots txt - is redirecting to my home page

I have contacted Rank math and my Hosting provider - who have both done their checks on everything. and advise this is a Cloudflare problem.

Any advice, on how I can sort this out, please?



If your Bing visits are being challenged by one of Cloudflare’s products, you should be able to check by visiting the Firewall Events page.

Once you find an event that matches a Bing visit with a challenge, you should know which product (Firewall Rule, WAF (new), WAF (previous), Bot Fight Mode etc.) is challenging Bing.

You can then set a bypass Firewall Rule or a WAF exemption to prevent this from happening.

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