Error with origin certificates


Why when I put the certificate in the certificate box it says it not made for the domain, i have put the private key as well so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Can somebody help me please?


Where are you doing this? If you’re trying to use your own SSL certificate on Cloudflare, you need one of the higher-level plans.


Pretty much I tried to install a free TLS certificate signed by cloudflare on my origin server but it sayed that the certificate is like not made for the domain name i wanted and idk why it sayed and caused that. Didnt really put that much information in the body of the question because i really want to get this question done.


If you’re using cPanel, you can use these instructions:

You may also need this:

Connecting SSL to Origin Host cPanel

first option you told me doesn’t work, the second one i didn’t really understand because im a noob at web development so im just gonna stick with the flexible version of cloudflare’s sll.

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