Error with JSON when NOT using Cloudflare proxy

Newbie here so please bear with me. So we’re having a very weird experience with Cloudflare proxied website. In short, Javascript (on some pages) fail to provide response whenever I disable Cloudlare proxy. However when I switch the domain to orange (Proxied) the website starts to work as it should and I start getting Javascript responses on all pages. Why is this happening?

Here is the main page: Click here. This page has JSON and it works regardless “Proxied” or “DNS Only” is set so no problem at all.
However on some pages, Like this one, it only shows the full contents when the DNS is set to “Proxied”. I get JSON errors when DNS is set on “DNS Only” and only half of the contents is loaded.
Any suggestion why this is happening? I had few solutions in mind but none worked out for me.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

Mohammed Kadhim

If something does not work when it is not proxied, it’s an issue with the site and you will need to debug that. Cloudflare won’tbe involved here.

But the mentioned error messages are probably the best place to start. Debug that and make sure that you are getting the right data. If you need any further information I would refer to StackOverflow or Reddit as that would be off-topic for the forum here.

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