Error with domain

Hello. Can somebody help me? I have no idea how to do it. But I add Cloudflare to my online store. Changed all names > saved it. And I have a problem when I go to my checkout page, I still see not my domain name/payment. I see name of the company, But I want to hide it.

Hi! You could check your DNS settings to ensure that your domain is correctly configured. Make sure the DNS records are pointing to the correct IP address or hosting provider.
Verify that you’ve configured Cloudflare’s DNS properly and that it is propagating the correct DNS information
Also, if you’ve recently activated SSL with Cloudflare, ensure that SSL is configured correctly on your online store. SSL certificates might take some time to propagate, so it’s possible that your checkout page is displaying the company’s name temporarily. I hope this helps.


I could be a third-party integration issue on your checkout page @dreamelosophy. It might be a configuration issue with your online store platform rather than with Cloudflare. Check/change the settings in your e-commerce platform to ensure your domain name appears instead of theirs. Check your platform’s documentation or contact their support for details on how to make this change.

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