Error with "account" field in `install.json` - Invalid type, expected object

Hi everyone.

I’m develop application for my service, and got error in console after page refresh.

What I do:

  1. In install.json is a next structure:
    "options": { "properties": { "account": { "title": "My Service", "type": "object", "format": "account", "order": 1, "services": [ "my_service" ] }, } }

  2. I uploaded folder with app in AppCreator, and want to preview it on own site.

  3. Click to icon of my service to auth. In modal I fill credentials, click “Allow” in decision dialog, and auth is successful. After that, fire hook for getting data from my service.

  4. Click to button “Save changes on all pages”.

  5. When I go to app again, all looks good (icon of my service still there), but if I click to “Save changes on all pages” - I got error Invalid type, expected object in browser console.

Which type? What was got instead of object? Who is initiator?