Error while using the www alias of site

Hi there,
My domain is and resolves fine.
However, if I go to, it does not resolve and I get a blank page with the word “error”.
I have a CNAME configured for www on my DNS settings. It has been there for the last 5 years, and using the www domain worked just fine. However, something changed in the past few months and now I am getting this error. I don’t have an SSL certificate on my site (it works on http:// but not https://), but I understand Cloudflare deploys some kind of universal SSL. Can anyone help to restore access to the www version of the site?

Thats something you need to ask your hoster, the problem appears to be on their side.

As for TLS, you have “mixed content” on your site. Search for these keywords here on the forum and you should get plenty for answers.

Thank you for the speedy reply, Sandro. I will reach out to GoDaddy as well (not looking forward to it…).
I noticed something interesting - if I empty all cache on my website, then the www site redirects fine to the non-www domain. But once cache is built again (within an hour or so) the error returns. Any idea what can cause this behavior?

I usually advise against Godaddy in general :slight_smile:

You mean some Wordpress cache? That would be probably a question better for the Wordpress forum or the developer of the plugin.

I’m facing the same problem with Hostgator. I contacted them but with no success. I’m struggling with it. I’m running on clickfunnel, but only the home page works well, other, not. Any tip?

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