Error while trying to enable Cloudflare Log retention

Hi Team,

I’m trying to enable Cloudflare log retention using the method mentioned below:

Check whether log retention is turned on:

curl -s -H “X-Auth-Email: ” -H “X-Auth-Key: <API_KEY>” GET “hxxps://<ZONE_ID>/logs/control/retention/flag” | jq .

Turn on log retention:

curl -s -H “X-Auth-Email: ” -H “X-Auth-Key: <API_KEY>” POST “hxxps://<ZONE_ID>/logs/control/retention/flag” -d’{“flag”:true}’ | jq .

I’m getting a 10000 authentication error while trying this. While checking online, read that this may be related to the permissions of the user(X-Auth-Email) included in the GET/POST requests. Then I tried with a user having super administrator permissions in my Cloudflare account., but still getting the same error. What could be the issue here? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Anand,

Apologies for the issues you’re facing. Log Retention is an Enterprise feature. I would recommend if you are an enterprise customer to raise a support ticket with us, and we can take a look at why this is working for you.

If you are not an Enterprise customer currently and interested in this feature, I would recommend reaching out to our Sales team, and they can discuss your requirements and advise pricing.


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