Error while running site in www

When I run without www, my site runs fine. But as soon as i add www at front, it shows me error saying site is not reachable… how to fix this

Most likely a missing DNS record. Did you create one for www?

If not, @domjh will come to your rescue -> Adding DNS Records

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i did. still problem

What’s the exact error you see when visiting the site, could you give the domain to us so we can test what you’ve done on our part? Is the A record proxied by Cloudflare (orange cloud next to record) or not?

So what is the domain? is domain. Yes there is orange cloud next to A record…

I am afraid you did not create the record as you said. The host does not resolve and does not exist. Hence I can only refer you back to my initial response.

Isnt this the A record you were talking about?

Precisely, there is no www record.

so how do I put www record?

This is where the article I posted two hours ago comes in.

For the sake of good order, there is even a warning message right on your screen referring to the issue.

lol it was so simple. but anyways thanks for support.

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