Error While Registering a New Domain [Credit Card Charged]

I was trying to registrer a new domain, but I got and error (probally timeout) after clicking Complete purchase button.

My credit card was charged. And I can see this new domain listed at Manage Domains menu, but it show expired (with expires date showing as todays date), so I cant manage it.

And it is still showing that it`s possible to buy this domain again, maybe the registration service is currently down or with error.

I own a free account, opened a ticket already. Anybody got this issue today as well?

Hey, Joined to mention that I have the same problem, I use paypal and got a error.

Paypal was charged, but now 2 of 3 pending transactions were cancelled, I am able to add the domain to my account but it shows expired and is not registered when I do a whois.


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I was able to finally register the domain. My credit card is still charged for the first attempt, I will just wait for it to be canceled (my second try was canceled, maybe the first try will to).

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Hi @dennys.mantovani

I can see that your issue has been solved via the ticket.

Hi @andycook

Please open a billing ticket so our billing team can look at it.

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