Error while purgin cloudflare cache using WP Rocker


I have integrated Cloudflare with WP Rocket and when I try to purge cache I receive the following error: Cloudflare cache purge error: Request must contain one of “purge_everything”, “files”, “tags”, or “hosts”

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

This is probably more of a question for the WP Rocket people.

This is the “Clear All Cloudflare Files” button? You have the correct Cloudflare credentials entered? Does the Development Mode toggle work?

Hi Sdayman,

WP Rocket guys have already investigated this and told me that the issue lies with Cloudflare :-).

The correct email, API key and zone id were entered. I’m not in development mode.

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I asked about dev mode just to see if anything on your WP Rocket using the Cloudflare API works.

I wish there were an easy way to capture what command WP Rocket is sending, which makes me wonder how WP Rocket could have investigated and concluded it’s a Cloudflare issue. The Cloudflare API is pretty rock solid, and there would be a lot of people complaining if the API for Purge Everything wasn’t working.

From your Cloudflare Dashboard, does the Audit Log at the top show any errors? I’m not sure if it catches errors or not.

Does WP Rocket have a debug mode that might show the command being sent?

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