Error while changing the nameserver of my domain

Hello, community.

I’ve just tried changing the name servers of my domain to the nameserver of cloudflare. Only I get an error in the change.

I receive this error: “The domain does not appear to be shared on the name servers: SDA test failed:

I have already contacted the support of my domain and they have told me to contact cloudflare support.

I hope someone can help me.

best regards

Hi @anthonylorenz23,

That doesn’t seem to be a valid nameserver, could it be that is shown in your dashboard?

What do you mean?

In my dashboard the 2 name servers are displayed which I should register with my domain.



Can you post a screenshot of where you are adding these?

I suspect is a typo of

Here you can see the name server I got from Cloudflare.

At the name server they sent me. Is the same error.

Can you post a screenshot at your domain registrar where you have added the nameservers and of the error message?

Sorry, but the picture is in German. Since I am from Germany xDScreenshot_6

Bottom right is the error when adding from the name server

Ok, no problem! It may be Can't set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS), but I am not sure. Perhaps @MarkMeyer can help on this one.

Okay, thank you anyway for your active help!

I’ve just read this. what you linked. I once changed the nameservers to cloudflare their nameservers for a friend of mine. And now I would like to add the domain to MY account.

I think that’s because
What do you think ?

That does definitely sound like a possible cause then if the domain has pointed to different Cloudflare nameservers before.

Yes, that was her.

Only what can I do now?

If you look at the post I linked, I suspect you will need to follow either option 2 or 3 there.

Okay, do I have to contact [email protected]?

Either them or your domain registrar :slight_smile:

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