Error while building nextjs application on cloudflare pages

While deploying nextjs on cf pages I’m getting this error:

2023-07-14T20:56:08.661759Z	Cloning repository...
2023-07-14T20:56:09.664064Z	From
2023-07-14T20:56:09.664758Z	 * branch            51c2ec3dbf339c6373193d167b13bf9162dacfd8 -> FETCH_HEAD
2023-07-14T20:56:09.723409Z	HEAD is now at 51c2ec3 added
2023-07-14T20:56:09.867445Z	Success: Finished cloning repository files
2023-07-14T20:56:10.536018Z	Detected the following tools from environment: [email protected], [email protected]
2023-07-14T20:56:10.536819Z	Installing nodejs 16.20.1
2023-07-14T20:56:11.600671Z	Trying to update node-build... ok
2023-07-14T20:56:11.867393Z	Downloading node-v16.20.1-linux-x64.tar.gz...
2023-07-14T20:56:11.867784Z	->
2023-07-14T20:56:13.2223Z	WARNING: node-v16.20.1-linux-x64 is in LTS Maintenance mode and nearing its end of life.
2023-07-14T20:56:13.222502Z	It only receives *critical* security updates, *critical* bug fixes and documentation updates.
2023-07-14T20:56:13.222808Z	Installing node-v16.20.1-linux-x64...
2023-07-14T20:56:14.077904Z	Installed node-v16.20.1-linux-x64 to /opt/buildhome/.asdf/installs/nodejs/16.20.1
2023-07-14T20:56:15.892239Z	Preparing [email protected] for immediate activation...
2023-07-14T20:56:16.71085Z	Installing project dependencies: yarn --pure-lockfile --no-progress --emoji false
2023-07-14T20:56:17.406451Z	yarn install v1.22.19
2023-07-14T20:56:17.48019Z	[1/4] Resolving packages...
2023-07-14T20:56:17.715731Z	[2/4] Fetching packages...
2023-07-14T20:57:18.600614Z	[3/4] Linking dependencies...
2023-07-14T20:57:18.606109Z	warning " > @mui/[email protected]" has incorrect peer dependency "styled-components@^5.3.1".
2023-07-14T20:57:18.611725Z	warning "babel-plugin-styled-components > @babel/[email protected]" has unmet peer dependency "@babel/core@^7.0.0-0".
2023-07-14T20:57:18.612363Z	warning " > @cloudflare/[email protected]" has unmet peer dependency "vercel@^30.0.0".
2023-07-14T20:57:18.612573Z	warning " > @cloudflare/[email protected]" has unmet peer dependency "wrangler@^3.0.0".
2023-07-14T20:57:45.590572Z	[4/4] Building fresh packages...
2023-07-14T20:57:45.812998Z	Done in 88.41s.
2023-07-14T20:57:45.857321Z	Executing user command: npx @cloudflare/next-on-pages@1
2023-07-14T20:57:47.635773Z	⚡️ @cloudflare/next-on-pages CLI v.1.3.0
2023-07-14T20:57:47.881809Z	⚡️ Detected Package Manager: yarn (classic)
2023-07-14T20:57:47.882582Z	⚡️ Preparing project...
2023-07-14T20:57:47.885406Z	⚡️ Project is ready
2023-07-14T20:57:47.885702Z	⚡️ Installing vercel as dev dependencies with 'yarn add vercel -D'...
2023-07-14T20:57:48.156428Z	▲  yarn add v1.22.19
2023-07-14T20:57:48.24348Z	▲  [1/4] Resolving packages...
2023-07-14T20:57:48.909619Z	▲  error Couldn't find package "@vercel/[email protected]" required by "vercel" on the "npm" registry.
2023-07-14T20:57:48.91012Z	▲  info Visit for documentation about this command.
2023-07-14T20:57:49.520687Z	▲  warning vercel > @vercel/remix-builder > @remix-run/dev > cacache > @npmcli/[email protected]: This functionality has been moved to @npmcli/fs
2023-07-14T20:57:51.255067Z	▲  warning vercel > @vercel/remix-builder > @remix-run/dev > proxy-agent > pac-proxy-agent > pac-resolver > degenerator > [email protected]: The library contains critical security issues and should not be used for production! The maintenance of the project has been discontinued. Consider migrating your code to isolated-vm.
2023-07-14T20:57:51.417015Z	▲  Error: Couldn't find package "@vercel/[email protected]" required by "@vercel/[email protected]" on the "npm" registry.
2023-07-14T20:57:51.417444Z	▲  at MessageError.ExtendableBuiltin (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/1.22.19/lib/cli.js:721:66)
2023-07-14T20:57:51.417631Z	▲  at new MessageError (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/1.22.19/lib/cli.js:750:123)
2023-07-14T20:57:51.417784Z	▲  at PackageRequest.<anonymous> (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/1.22.19/lib/cli.js:36590:17)
2023-07-14T20:57:51.417917Z	▲  at Generator.throw (<anonymous>)
2023-07-14T20:57:51.418074Z	▲  at step (/opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/1.22.19/lib/cli.js:310:30)
2023-07-14T20:57:51.418294Z	▲  at /opt/buildhome/.cache/node/corepack/yarn/1.22.19/lib/cli.js:323:13
2023-07-14T20:57:51.418493Z	▲  at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)
2023-07-14T20:57:51.418636Z	▲  at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
2023-07-14T20:57:51.677134Z	⚡️ The Vercel build (`yarn vercel build`) command failed. For more details see the Vercel logs above.
2023-07-14T20:57:51.677385Z	⚡️ If you need help solving the issue, refer to the Vercel or Next.js documentation or their repositories.
2023-07-14T20:57:51.697352Z	Failed: Error while executing user command. Exited with error code: 1
2023-07-14T20:57:51.707221Z	Failed: build command exited with code: 1
2023-07-14T20:57:53.014995Z	Failed: error occurred while running build command
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It looks like npm is having issues right now which is likely effecting your builds

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Thanks, seems like systems are up now.

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