Error while adding

Hello everyone,

I currently have 4 websites on my Cloudflare account and I wanted to add a new yesterday. When i went to add a new site the first step passed and I’m stuck on the second one. I’m getting error written in the ttile and i can’t see the form for doing the second step.

Also when I try to create a new account (wanted to try if something is wrong with my) it say’s that the page doesn’t exists.

I attached two screenshots bellow to show what I’m gettings. Thanks in advance

Ok I’ve managed to add a website using a different web browser. I tried deleting cache, cookies and storage data in Chrome but that didn’t change anything. I checked developer console in Google Chrome and an extension Ghostery was blocking some javascript files (_ and _

This can be closed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. I moved your post to a new topic and upleveled your permissions. You should be good to create new topics now.