Error while adding cloudflare services on dreamhost

hi, i registered a new domain and trying to add Cloudflare service via dreamhost panel. But I get this error. can some one please help me on this.

Have you used Cloudflare for this domain before?

Do you have a Cloudflare account?

As it stands, Cloudflare is already set up for your domain…just maybe not by you. Maybe one of the mods will respond. Otherwise, I recommend you set up a Cloudflare account (if you don’t already have one) and try the setup manually. If that still doesn’t work (it probably won’t), open a Support Ticket using your Cloudflare account at

That would mean that the zone is already registered on another account and as such Dreamhost can’t do it. It looks like the account linked to the email address you are using here attempted to add it directly to Cloudflare before posting this question. Is that true? Is there a support ticket you have already submitted?