Error when trying to point domain to Shopify

Cloudflare is the registrar of my domain and I want to point it to Shopify.

I am trying to point the DNS setting to Shopify according to the instructions, but I’m getting the following message when I try to create either an A Record or a CNAME Record.

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) This kind of record cannot be proxied

I have only paid for the domain through Cloudflare and have not purchased any additional features or services. I simply just want to point my domain to my Shopify store.

Please help.

Shopify uses Cloudflare, so any DNS records that point to them need to be :grey: DNS Only.

Thanks for your quick reply. Can you expand upon what pointing DNS only means or how to go about doing that?

Since Shopify uses Cloudlfare, you can’t layer your own Cloudflare Proxy :orange: over theirs.

So you’d need to click on that DNS entry to Edit it, then click on the :orange: so it’s :grey: DNS Only. Then your domain will point directly to Shopify’s Cloudflare proxy for your store.

Got it, thanks! My domain was successfully connected to Shopify.

It took me a minute to understand what changing it to DNS Only meant, so I am attaching these screenshots for anyone who doesn’t automatically know what that is or where to find it.


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