Error when trying to deploy to a custom domain - rendering exception

Now, I deployed a page using Cloudflare Pages and it works fine in, but when I try to index it to my domain, I get some problems.
My main service JS is provided with HTML, but there are still some JS that are used independently, such as third-party JS and content that doesn’t apply to HTML. Among these things is yuni.js, used for rendering pages.
When I visit my domain, it does not display the page normally, but everything is fine on Analysis of the network request revealed that yuni.js was not being loaded properly.
Analysis of the source code showed that the main difference between the two domains was in compression of the source code. So I tried to turn off Auto Minify on the subdomain using a configuration rule, but it doesn’t work.
Then, I tried to change the configuration to turn off all Cloudflare applications, but it still doesn’t work as expected.
How can I do?

Are you able to caputre a HAR file of the issue and a HAR file when their is no issues on the dev subdomain and paste the links to both?

Do you see any blocked requests in the console log of the browser?

Gathering information for troubleshooting sites · Cloudflare Support docs

The har files can be uploaded to a temporary storage and linked to us.

Alternatively screenshots of the issue compared to working site would be helpful.

Is the issue the screen is blank and the yuni.js is not loaded on the custom domain?

Have you tried redeploying the project as well as purging the Cloudflare cache?

Purging The Cache

Of course, before I posted this I had checked Console and there were no errors or even warnings.
Also, rendering exceptions are caused by yuni.js not loading properly, as it is responsible for page rendering.
And finally, although I think this problem is with Cloudflare so may not need HAR, but if you insist… Here is the link.
Link valid for seven days and expires after one download.(2023/4/4)