Error when trying to approve release of domain

Hello I’m trying to approve release of a domain from my account but it errors when I try and do it.

I press Accept Transfer on the side. Then I press Approve on the modal that appears.

However an error appears at the bottom:

I started the transfer a few days ago and thought it would manually approve it to speed it up. I’m worried it will also fail to transfer on the fifth day. Is there anyone I can contact to look into this issue?

Hi @thomas01155, best to contact support and see if they can assist. Please share your ticket number here and I’ll keep tabs on it. To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post. Here’s a bit of background on Cloudflare Support for reference:

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Hi Cloonan, I have opened a ticket, the nubmer is 1738188 Thanks for the quick reply!

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