Error When Starting up my first use of CloudFlare

We are using Dreamhostdotcom to host our site. They provide an option to turn on Cloudflare. I selected their plus edition which is between free and pro.

My problem, when I enable it on my production server, after about 30 minutes I receive a page when navigating to my website that says.

This site can’t provide a secure connection.

my domain name sent an invalid response.


Dreamhost has verified by SSL and it is active, when I navigate to my page, it is secure.

Any thoughts on what I can do. I have attempted turning on Cloudflare twice to have it fail. It seems to be working on my dev site which is a subdomain of my main site.


This is probably because Cloudflare doesn’t have an SSL certificate issued for your site yet.

Do you have access to a SSL/TLS settings page for Cloudflare? There should be an SSL certificate status indicator, such as Active, or in process.

Thanks for the reply. My SSL is actually supplied by Comdo. My site is secure. I don’t see anything about stating Active or In Process.

I do see this section.

Edge Certificates

Manage and purchase SSL certificates that will be served to your web visitors.

Your plan includes a Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate pack. To get a dedicated certificate with custom hostnames place a certificate order.

Your plan does not allow you to upload any SSL certificates, but you may order an auto-renewing certificate or upgrade to the Business plan to enable this feature.

Does that Edge Certificates section show a certificate? On the Cloudflare dashboard, it would list a Universal Certificate.

For additional support, you should contact DreamHost and ask about the certificate for your Cloudflare reverse proxy.

If you’d like forum members to take a closer look, post your domain name.

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