Error when sharing my site to Instagram and Facebook

Hello everyone!
I am using Notion as the platform for my personal website and Cloudfare to set up a custom URL from a domain I bought on Namecheap.

The thing is: when I share my website link to Instagram or Facebook, the preview is written something like “Luiza Fabsm - Registered at Namecheap”, instead of the title of my website, that should be “Portfolio • Luiza Fabiani Medeiros”. Does any of you know how can I solve this issue?

One other thing that is unrelated, but also something I don’t know how to solve: when I use “” as a link, it works and redirects to my website. But if I add the “www.” before, it simply not work. Is there anything I can do?

Thank you advance for any help! Have a great day!

The Namecheap message could just be old DNS that Facebook/Instagram (same company) needs to refresh at their end. Maybe it will re-scan at some point.

For the ‘www’ problem, it would be better to redirect it with a Page Rule:

That totally worked. Thank you a lot for the help!

Also, I remembered about the Sharing Debugger of Facebook. I managed to browse my link there and scrape it again in order to update the title. It worked as well. Will leave the link here in case anyone has the same question someday:

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