Error when login in my site's backoffice

Can´t seem to be able to log in my site´s backoffice. Some kind of error appears when validating my username and password.

Is there any known solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Can you be a bit more precise?

I insert the correct username and password and press login, but nothing happens. The url change to “… /login.php?type=error” and both fields become empty again.

@joao.soares The first thing you should wonder, is what changes you made to your website exactly before the issue?
Then you should undo those changes, and try to solve the puzzle.

What you describe, is very general, if you are using WordPress, something is wrong with the redirects or the cookies (cache)
You should give us more info to help you.
What platform are you running on? Does your website working with CloudFlare (I suppose be here in this community yes, but I need to ask).

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