Error when logging into support dashboard

Hi Cloudflare community,

It’s been a while since I tried to login into the support page with no results.
Since I changed the user e-mail (a few months ago) I would be redirected to the login page when trying to get to the support page and after login in, redirected to the dashboard.

I think that I found the problem/bug…

When you’re logged in and get to the support page, you’re being logged out due to an error.
URL: logout?kind=error&message=User+is+invalid%3A+EmaSupportil%3A++([email protected])%40(domain).nl+has+already+been+taken

Is there someone who got the same problem and found a solution to this?

Hi @kantoor,

Was there previously a different account registered on the same email address that your account now has? I expect you are going to have to email [email protected] from the email address currently registered for your account and explain the situation.

Hi @domjh,

It was registered on a different email but that email address is inactive and all mails are being forwarded. So the support mails send to the old email address weren’t received (probably in the spam box) and we couldn’t go in the mailbox (since it’s been forwarded).

OK, I didn’t have an issue when I changed the address on my account, but I guess something is stuck on the support side with your old email.

I see, I’ll send a mail to them.
Thank you!

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Hey @kantoor

I’ve reopened your ticket, and I’ll follow up with you directly through e-mail.

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Hi @kantoor, I see your most recent ticket is reopened and I’ve added myself to it to track progress.

I don’t know if it’s a defect. It looks like the support team will need to follow up with you on the ticket.

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