Error when editing Cloudflare Access for Pages application

When trying to edit Access rules for a Cloudflare Pages application, it says:

“Error configuring your Access Application: access.api.error.invalid_app_domain”

When going to overview tab, the ‘select domain’ field is red, but there are no domains in the dropdown, so I am unable to save the application. We are not using a custom domain, just the domain.

I don’t think is supported by Cloudflare Access.

@user6462 would you mind providing a screenshot as well? We’ll take a look.

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Agreed. I don’t see how you’d apply Access to anything that’s not one of your Cloudflare domains due to the dropdown selector.

You can… but the rule itself is created from within the Pages interface (and then edited in the Teams Dashboard).

Cloudflare Pages is now Generally Available


Hi @cs-cf and @abe,

The rule is automatically created, but we can not save the application after making changes as we don’t have a domain selected.

Interesting. @user6462 is the app_domain selectable when navigating to the Overview tab?


The cursor shows a :no_entry_sign: when hovering over the select domain option.

@user6462 would you mind capturing a .har file and opening a support ticket? I’d expect your domain to populate as the only option by default so we’d be happy to take a closer look. Please feel free to tag me in the ticket as well and we’ll get this sorted.

Thanks @abe, I’ve put in a ticket #2138263

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Dropping this here for future reference:

We don’t currently support putting Access policies in front of Pages at this time. Integration between Cloudflare Pages and Cloudflare Access is in the works. We do not have any specific ETA to share at this stage, but it should be ready when this beta product becomes generally available.

Current workaround is to serve content from Pages via a worker on a different domain which can be configured to use Access policies. This way you can only share the link to this proxied via worker domain instead of the Pages one and deploy Access policies on it.

Pages now does support Access

It also supports it on normal (production) deployments

If you have any more questions relating to Pages with Access, I would recommend you join the Workers discord server

Pages does support access, however, I still can not edit the default access policy that it creates when I enable the integration.


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