Error when connect with cloudflare

error when add website to Cloudflare

There was a problem loading this website

Try refreshing the page.

If the site still doesn’t load, please try again in a few minutes

when removed proxy from siteground ip then website works fine , according to cloudfalre support every thing works fine on their end . website works fine without Cloudflare. need to fix this issue asap

Ticket number [#2499883]

Sorry according to siteground support everything is working fine it is issue on Cloudflare end

That sure sounds like a Shopify screen, proxied through their Cloudflare account. Were you using Shopify before?

Yes i did but now i am using wordpresss

Hey! I created a tool that will let you remove the domain from Shopify. Could you try it out?

Just follow the instructions - it should only take ~5 minutes. Once it is done, you should be able to add the domain to Siteground without issues.

There might still be some bugs, so please let me know if you need help or have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:


my domain is from other domain privider like name dot com but it was connected with shopify

The domain shows as liberated on my end. Can you confirm it is working now?


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