Error when attempting to view a enrolled device

Basicly, after enrolling a device it shows as an enrolled device with the device name etc,

But when I click on that device, or any device for that matter, and choose "View Details: I get the following error.

Looks like the app ran into an error.
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)

Same - started/noticed yesterday (16:00 UTC approx).

If you navigate via My Teams>Users - choose a User, then a Device (Configure) - the page will load but won’t contain any device info.

  • Browser (Edge) dev console logs numerous 405, 404, and 400 errors
  • Many errors concern dash.cloudflare[.]com/api/v4/account/…

This prevents issuing override codes - so, remote users with captive portal issues are having to uninstall the WARP client just to connect to Wi-Fi.

Cloudflare needs a basic reporting option for “free” Zero Trust accounts.

No changes made, but Issue may be resolved?
Devices are now loading, Override codes are available.