Error when attempting to change my NameServers

When I attempt to change my nameservers at Web Hosting Hub, the following error message appears.
“There was a problem with processing your request. Ensure that the nameservers you are trying to set have been created. If they have not, you can go here to do so”

I contacted tech support at Web Hosting Hub and they suspect the nameservers are bad and new one’s need to be issued. Note I copied and pasted the nameservers as provided to avoid potential typos.

Also I read your support article on “Why isn’t SSL working for my site?” and saw that I needed to change to Flexible setting in Cloudflare since I do not have an existing SSL certificate. So I changed the SSL setting from fixed to flexible, unfortunately this had no impact as I’m still unable to change my nameservers to the one’s you issued.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Web osting Hub is your website provider? Are they also your registrar? Your whois information has tucows listed as they registrar but they often white label.

Those nameservers are in use by a lot of other domains and forward/reverse lookups both work for them so… not sure why they suspect they are bad. Do they have any logs that point to an issue?

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I moved my website to Web Hosting Hub in July and I transferred my domain at that time because they pick up the cost of the registrar. So I’m not sure who they use. Do I need to know that in order to get Cloudflare nameservers to work?

They don’t have any logs. It was just suggested by the support tech because he claimed to have recently set up Cloudflare for another customer with no issues with the nameserver provided by Cloudflare (he didn’t elaborate on what nameservers were used and I didn’t ask because I figured they’re somewhat unique to each setup).

Hi cscharff,
I followed up again with Web Hosting Hub with your info and below is their response. Is there something else they should be looking at? It seems like each side is pointing fingers at the other and I’m stuck in the middle.
Is it possible for the two of you to talk to each other to troubleshoot this issue.

Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I apologize there has been problems updating the name servers for your domain. I attempted to update the name servers again using the ones that you provided and I received the same error message. Only thing we can do is advise you to reach out to Cloudflare being that’s where the nameservers are coming from.

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Sorry without them pointing to an issue with the nameservers I’m not sure what to say. Those nameservers are in use by hundreds of thousands of domains, so they work.

If you registered the domain through them are you trying to change them in AMP?

You can try opening a ticket with our support team as well, but this seems like an issue with their tool.

Dear cscharff,

It’s been 20 days since I signed up and activated Cloudflare. However, it’s still isn’t working for my site. When I go to my Cloudflare dashboard and view the SSL/TLS app, no SSL certificates are active. According to your help docs, “you will know if your SSL certificates are active through your Cloudflare dashboard under the SSL/TLS app”.
Why isn’t my Cloudflare-Issued SSL certificate active?


Well, the first couple of days you were fighting with your host to get the nameservers updated. This seems to be fixed now (assuming your domain is pessolutions[dot]com), however considering that it didnt work for a while you might have to go to your control panel and request a re-verification. Once that verification has passed the certificate should be issued within 24 hours.

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