Error When Adding Website: The zone name provided is subject to a hold

Please help, each time I want to add this one website, cloudflare always giving me this error:
The zone name provided is subject to a hold which disallows the creation of this zone. Please contact the domain owner to have this hold removed.

Well, I am the current domain owner, and I’m not sure on how to remove this hold…
Can Cloudflare support give help on this issue? Is there any place I can ask about this error without writing the domain publicly?

Thank you in advance.

The error message should tell you how to contact Cloudflare about it. You might also search here to see if you use the registrar that puts a lock on all the domains they sell. If you use that registrar, you probably will want to contact them.

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Thanks for the reply, but actually there is no info on how to contact Cloudflare… the message is only giving info about contacting the domain owner… which is currently me… and that’s why i’m creating this topic… I’ll try to check with the registrar, but is there no guidelines from cloudflare for this kind of issue?

Have you opened an account ticket from your dashboard yet? That’s a good place to start.

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Has that site ever been active on Cloudflare before? That message typically means that it’s been locked in an Enterprise account previously (or currently) servicing that hostname:

You’ll need to track down who that may be, since Support won’t be able to share that information with you.


Without knowing the domain name, we won’t be able to give you the best advice here.

Off the top of my head, I would say, if you own the domain and you have control of the Registrar account which manages it, you have authoritative control over it. Is it possible that you’ve contracted a marketing firm, web agency, or other entity to manage anything about your website, email, etc? Just trying to jog your memory and see if you remember giving someone else the ability to run something for you.

If you want to DM me the domain name, I can look into it, and if needed, open a ticket where we might be able to come up with a verification process to get it under your control.

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Thank you all for your time replying this thread… : I haven’t opened an account ticket yet, I just thought of asking here first to see if there’s any info on that.

@sdayman : I’m not sure on how to check if a site / domain ever been active on Cloudflare before. I just purchased the domain recently, but there might be that case of previous owner put a zone hold to that? But if it’s not my CF account, how can I unlodck the zone hold?

@CFBrandon : I have DMed you the reply and the domain name. Thank you for the support, please help to look into it.

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Ah, that might explain it. Support will probably ask you to prove domain ownership somehow, then they can remove that zone lock.


Hi @komandoscarlet01

Please create a ticket, as we need you to add a TXT file to the domain as proof of ownership, before we can ask the current zone owner to release the hold.


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