Error when adding script in Workers

I get an error when I try to Add Script in Workers section


Anyone knows what it means or how I can fix it?


If you’re not on enterprise plan, then you shouldn’t be able to add scripts.

Not sure if that’s the case Workers are allowed on all plans as far as I know, they are billed monthly at 5 dollars min.

None of my accounts have “Add script” there’s only a single script.

How strange, I am on free plan and I have the Add Script button, and no other options.

Haha, interesting, can you share a screenshot? :smiley:


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Huh, very odd! Maybe we’re getting multi-script support on normal accounts now? :open_mouth:

Oh my :smiley:
I can’t believe it that the problem was the browser, I use Edge so in Edge the Add Script button doesn’t work, I opened it in Firefox and it works there, and yes indeed I can add as many scripts as I like there, and link them to different routes!

That’s amazing, seems I don’t have it yet. Maybe it’s rolled out in to users in turn.

Glad to see it arrive, finally!

I really doubt they will support that, as they have always said that multi-script support on Enterprise is a trouble to support and causes issues with cold starts. I think is most likely some sort of error on the UI side.

I would recommend contacting support, I’ll try tagging @cloonan here as well.

Well I am on a free plan and am already using it with three scripts, working happily :smiley:

Do you have access to any enterprise website or any other account with access to uploading multiple scripts? Sometimes permissions are delegated to an account instead of a zone, which might inadvertently allow you to use the feature on other zones (this happened with Spectrum for me).

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Not at all, I opened my account last week only to use the free service!

Ehm, pinging @KentonVarda as well then.

I want that too :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay it seems that it all was a bug with the system, my account is now like yours and I have only one script page. :smiley:

Sooooo… It appears that we had a bug which accidentally gave some accounts Workers (with multiple scripts) without them having signed up at all. This was unintended – Workers is a paid product.

We’ve rolled back the bug. However, for the small number of users who deployed a worker without subscribing, we are going to give you temporary free access to Workers. As of this very moment, you might find you can’t access the Workers configuration (although your Worker is still deployed). Your access will be restored as soon as we work through the list of affected accounts, probably within a few hours from now. We’ll then e-mail you a warning and give you a chance to subscribe for real before we disable your Workers – this will probably not happen for a few weeks or months, so enjoy the free access in the meantime.

Consider it a “bank error in your favor” situation.

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Thanks Kenton

Yes noticed that, although I couldn’t remember if I ever clicked on Enable Workers button or not, I thought I did enable it so I started using it.
But it wouldn’t make any difference for me as I just subscribed and got it enabled for real :smiley:
Also I raised a ticket for the above ticket, which now can be ignored.

Thanks again

Damn, I really hoped the thing was really a reality in some ways ahah

Was expecting this, but was secretly hoping it wasn’t ahah

Hi @farshad,

Thanks so much for reporting this! Would you like a Cloudflare t-shirt? If so, DM me your shirt size and a shipping address.