Error when adding NS record for _acme-challenge

I’m trying to add an NS record for name “_acme-challenge”, but I’m getting the following error message:

Non-NS records with that host already exist. (Code: 81055)

However, there are no records at all for “_acme-challenge”. I tried adding the same NS record for “acme-challenge” (without the underscore), and it worked just fine. But for some reason it fails when I use the underscore.

Any ideas?

Cloudflare creates them on your behalf for things like renewing Universal SSL - they won’t show in the dashboard.

Thanks, that’s very helpful. This is my first experience with Cloudflare, and I didn’t realize the proxy generates and uses its own SSL certificates, although it definitely makes sense.

So given that Cloudflare is now handling SSL, there isn’t any need to continue renewing the SSL certificates for my web servers, correct?

You’ll still need a certificate on your origin for HTTPS to function in general between Cloudflare and your server, ensuring that traffic remains encrypted.

You can generate a certificate from Cloudflare that only Cloudflare trusts which will last for 15 years.

Otherwise, yes - the certificate that users see is automatically renewed and managed by Cloudflare

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You’re awesome. Thanks!

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