Error when adding .gg domain

I am trying to add my .gg domain to Cloudflare however I get the following error…

“This web property is temporarily restricted from being added to Cloudflare at this time. Please try again later, or contact Cloudflare Support with any questions.”

I did try to add the domain a fair few times prior to getting this message which is probably why this message is now showing. I was getting a message saying that the domain wasn’t registered which is why I kept trying to add it however I am now getting this message instead. Is there a way I can find out how long I will need to wait before I can add it? It may also be that I have a different issue and I need to talk to someone in order to fix it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Zone Banned and/or Other Zone Restricted Errors and Community Tip - Fixing Code: 1049 is not a registered domain should help.

I’m not able to understand what trying to tell :thinking:

Could you specify that a little bit ?

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