Error when adding a domain

Hello! When i add my domain -, i receive next message: is not a registered domain

Although i change dns of domain.
How to fix this error?

Hi @user70110,

It seems that you have changed the nameservers to point to Cloudflare’s before you added the site to your Cloudflare account. This is a security risk, and won’t work as Cloudflare checks for responsive nameservers before adding your site. As they have not been assigned to your domain yet, they won’t respond and you’ll most likely see the error is not a registered domain.

That’s not my experience @domjh - often i reg domains with cldouflare nameservers preset, before adding them to cloudflare.

The only time I have an issue is when there are no nameservers assigned to a domain.

It’s the experience of a lot of other people here on the forums and one that has been tested. I have seen more than 10 of these same issues in the last few weeks and the cause has always been Cloudflare nameservers being set before adding the domain.

Not only does it often result in an error, but there are risks with doing it as well, the consequences of which often end up here on the forums. You are changing the nameservers to point to a service that you don’t yet control. Cloudflare has over 2,500 nameserver combinations but there are a lot more than 2,500 accounts. The nameserver pair you are changing to won’t be unique to you. This is why nameservers are domain specific, not account level. When you add a domain, by default you will use the same pair of nameservers as the rest of your domains, however if the domain has already been added to another accout with the same pair, you will be given different ones to point to. This ensures that the domain is always under the control of the rightful owner, but only works if you follow the correct process to add the site in your dashboard and then change the nameservers to the pair requested.

I often move domains between different CF accounts but have yet to have a problem like that. I did wonder what would happen if i tried to add a domain with the same nameserver pair, but none of my accounts do.

FYI, I’ve got about 1500 domains between cloudflare accounts and i’ve never had an issue with adding a domain with CF nameservers already set. Obviously this isnt what most people would be doing as they’d most likely want to duplicate their records, but like i say, i’ve never been unable to add a domain because of it.

Well, I’ve seen it plenty of times here and it’s a very common problem that users report. I’m not sure why you’ve never run into the issue but it should not and usually does not work.

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