Error when accessing a searched website on google

Good afternoon. I have a problem on our site. Every time some customers research our site on Google and click on the link is giving error when opening the site. Sometimes referring to HTTP and sometimes the network connection. I have in the cloudflare page rules with some redirections. Which are the below:

Rule 1:*
Referral URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirection, URL:$1)

Rule 2:
http: //
Referral URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirection, URL:$1)

Rule 3:*
Referral URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirection, URL:$1)

The developer company of the site is putting the blame on DNS but I have my doubts. Someone could help us in how we can adjust this problem.

I hope you could explain our problem. And it is certain that I will be helpful thank you in advance.


Below are some of the mistakes they are giving to some users. It does not happen to everyone.

Is the DNS record proxied for

Good morning,

Proxy is already deactivated at the DNS entrance to, it is disabled since Go Live from the site in July.

Our online store is on VTEX so I added all the rules requested by VTEX

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The same issue came up on this thread, Redirecionamento não obedece regra - #4 by sdayman. You’re bypassing :grey: cloudflare if the record is not proxied :orange:

PS - I removed your screen shot as your IP was showing.

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