Error Website without WWW


We just install cloudflare in our website.

And we found a problem with all the url that not contain www.

for example.

It looks that all entire website have a redirection to www. but some part of are website are losing CSS and another part go to 404 error.

We have Cloudflare Pro with our server Siteground, and also we open a ticket there but they didnt know which can be the problem.

We read a lot of information on the cloudflare community but we do not find how to solve this problem.

What we can do?

We saw that we have active the Edge certificate of SSL for but for imotion-ems. com is pending of validation but already pass more than 24h.

We really need help to solve this.


WordPress is redirecting to www, and the URL you posted looks good to me after the www redirect. The non-URL hostname is not proxied by Cloudflare. It’s probably set to :grey: in Cloudflare DNS instead of :orange:

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