Error verifying domain in clickfunnels

Hello, I am trying to get domain verified in clickfunnels. when I hit verify in clickfunnels it says

" In order for your custom domain to work you’ll need to log in to where you bought your domain and add a CNAME record that points at If you’re not sure how to do this we have detailed instructions for most domain registrars." and it won’t verify

following clickfunnel instructions I added both CNAM recorded exactly how they showed and changed the 2 nameservers in wpxhosting to cloudflare nameservers they gave me for that domain

the propgation is completed, domain is running under cloudflare but I am still having issue

any help would be appreciated thank you

Hey man, its defintely not just you – I’m having the same problem tonight… and I have over 100+ domains setup in clickfunnels. But tonight for some reason, cant get new domains set up. Not sure whats going on either, curious to see what happens.

Hi @goldstenag1 and @er1223,

Have you followed the guide through the whole way, step by step?

If so, I would suggest you contact them.

Yup followed everything to the T. Speaking with Clickfunnels support now to see if they can help!


Update: Clickfunnels confirmed that there was an update done that is causing this domain verification error. They told me should be resolved within 8 hours but 10 hours later, and still having the issue :frowning:


Hey guys, glad I found this thread.

I am having the exact same issue as you described. I recently added another domain to my CF account and get an error when I try verifying the domain through CF. I have never experienced this before.

I spent the better half of the past 2 days troubleshooting this and still no luck. CF support has not been very helpful either (basically made me delete and re-add my domain 10+ times, very frustrating)

If anyone has any answers or a work around for this, that would be greatly appreciated!

Any luck yet?

Yup working fine now

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Was there anything that you had to do? I still have not heard back from CF and am really hoping to get this domain setup asap so I can launch my funnel.

I purchased my domain through Godaddy and am now using Cloudflare since I was not able to verify the domain.

Now with cloudflare, I am still unable to verify the domain. If you have any suggestions that would help, please let me know. Thanks so much!

was there anything specific you did to get it working?
It’s been a couple days for me, I’m still getting error in CF when I go to verify
I have double and triple checked everything and everything is setup correctly per CF instructions
thank you

So on the Cloudflare side, I set up everything the regular way that clickfunnels recommends. On the Clickfunnels side, I deleted the domain and re-added it to my domains in Clickfunnels. When I did that, the verification process went through, was able to setup SSL etc…

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