Error undefined cannot read properties of null reading replace

Hi All,
i want to ask related error undefined as a topic. the error occurs when we enable yellow cloud and WAF protection in Cloudflare. If we change to grey cloud, error is gone. actually, i already open ticket 3 times to cf support, but until now, i not get any good update information or solution. the ticket number is #2519307.
Currently, we already waiting more than 7 hours from my last email, but still not get the update from support.

Appreciate if the community can give me the solution for this due to the issue already occurs more than 1 weeks.

Just additional information, we used pro plan for this site.
Thank you

Every duplicate ticket you open will slow down how quickly you get support. Not out of spite, but because you’re using up people’s time when they could be helping others that means they’d get to your ticket.

The Pro SLO is 5 days - it is unlikely you are guaranteed to get a reply within 7 hours.

What is the error coming from? Is it JavaScript on your site? What troubleshooting have you done already?

You haven’t given enough information about the issue for the community to assist.

additional information (capture error)

sorry, im just add the capture error message in the below reply.

May i know how i can get the information SLO for Pro Plan ? i will used as a evidence to inform our management.
i just see median email is around or less than 4 hours.

by the way, thank you for your replied and information

It’s admittedly a very optimistic response time.

What do you see in the console of your browser when you get that error? You can open up the console by pressing F12 to open DevTools.

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Thanks for fast replied.
Below is capture Console DevTol when page is error

I see a ticket with that number, but it is not from the account you are using here. That helps if you use the same accounts, makes it easier to track…well, everything.

Which record?

Domain name? That is really helpful.

Here is what you should investigate

  • You have no DNS A record with the value of your origin IP
  • You have no CNAME record named subdomain for the subdomain.domain.tld you shared with Support

Ugh, I can only see the one for the number you shared…

What are the other ticket numbers so that we can get them out of the way of the Support team so that they can assist other folks.

Hi Cloonan,
Yes, im open the ticket with corporate email. However, i cannot registered the corporate email to this community due to policy from our company.

This for other ticket number #2518587, #2513134

I change Grey cloud for Below Record

domain name is However, for this case we used subdomain.

What you mean of CNAME for subdomain ? is it really need to add subdomain ?

Thank you, can you change the name of the record to @? It will change to your domain name. Leave them as the are :orange:

It is not necessary, unless you want to use a subdomain like Then you need a subdomain named www. Good #tutorial #Tutorials on how to edit the records.

Record already change, but as i inform, we used subdomain if we change to @ for name, access to will be not available except we add CNAME for ixpf. Below capture as evidence

My question, what is different current A record using ixpf and new record using @ + Cname ?

Hallo, anyone have any clue for this issue ? im stuck now.

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