Error trying to set up DNS for email marketing

I’m trying to add my DNS settings to send emails from my domain through a new email provider, Second Street.

Even though I have added the following record, I am getting an error saying that I need to add it.

CNAME ssbounces

I was sent this tutorial (Understanding a CNAME Setup – Cloudflare Help Center) from Second Street but it states that I need a business plan or higher to add a CNAME. I’ve sent emails through Mailchimp before using my domain and never had to upgrade. I also have other CNAMES already in Cloudflare and didn’t have an issue with those.

I’m not a technical expert and I was hoping that someone could help me understand better what the problem is and what my options are to get it resolved.

You most likely added that as proxied record and should switch the entry from :orange: to :grey:.

A CNAME setup would be something completely different and would allow you to set up your domain on Cloudflare without changing the nameservers, but that’s not what this whole thing is about. Here it really will be about aforementioned proxy status and I assume once you unproxied the record it will recognise it.

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Thank you so much! It worked!

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