Error trying to change to CF namerservers on .is domain

I have a domain .is on njala and when i try to change the nameservers (previously i added CF nameservers with no troubles) it give me error.

I contact Njala support and they said that its something wrong with the CF DNS and also i need to register the new nameservers on the ISNIC site, but when i added some time ago other CF nameservers it didnt ask me for that

What its going on and what else can i do to solve that?


Most likely this issue

i tried with another dns provider and i could change it, they told me this:

Most likely your .IS domain requires a zone configured in advance. I created the zone on FreeDNS in advance.

So, i suppose its the same issue with the CF nameservers

You just need to follow the advice in the article.

Approx, how long does it take CF to respond a ticket?
I have now more than 27 hrs waiting for an answer

The only option I have left is 3, that CF purge cache on dns zone or change my nameservers for other ones

Responses for free plans can take a few days, also keep in mind it is the weekend.

Simply drop the domain from the original account to begin with. What’s the domain?

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