Error - too many redirects on my website

Website is not loading, and I can’t access the backend. It’s built in Umbraco and I get the error message - too many redirects and…

[Win32Exception (0x80004005): This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator]

[ExternalException (0x80004005): Cannot execute a program. The command being executed was “W:\vhosts\\\bin\roslyn\csc.exe” /shared /keepalive:“10” /noconfig /fullpaths @“W:\vhosts\\tmp\root\e2e94809\b86ce812\wc55o1df.cmdline”.]

I have been told to contact Cloudflare about this so hope someone can provide answers please.
I am not a developer but do have access and have found where the bin file is. So whomever does answer this, can you please make it step by step :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance

For “too many redirects”, make sure your SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)” here…

Otherwise, what is the domain?

For the error message, that will be an error or permissions issue in your code that you’ll need to resolve at your end.

Hi sjr

Thanks for the reply. I will take a look at that.

The domain is and it has a redirect on it from

It is set to full.

In terms of a permission issue - do you think I can simply delete that file and the problem will go away? or is that something that can’t be answered generally - it’s more specific to the code?

Sorry, I should have seen those in the error messages.

Neither site is using Cloudflare. Your DNS provider uses Cloudflare, but your sites are aren’t using a Cloudflare account of your own. Any issues will be on your server.

If you have added the domains to your own Cloudflare account you will need to change the nameservers at your registrar to the 2 given at the bottom of the DNS page here…

Actually it’s set to FULL not FULL STRICT. If I choose STRICT will that affect my website badly in anyway - sorry. I am not tech savy if you couldn’t tell :slight_smile:

SO by server you mean? Is that where my domain is, or who is hosting my website? They have both passed me on saying it’s not there problem.

Argh - I have just clicked on those links.

Thank you for your help sjr

I have one more question please - you mention that the domain needs to be added “to your own Cloudflare account”. Is it currently added to another Cloudflare account? Can you see that and if so, does it happen to be or Nigel Wilson? Can you see that?

The current nameservers for your domain are…

These use a Cloudflare IP address so they are either an ISP using Cloudflare for DNS services only, or a Cloudflare account that’s using vanity/tenant nameservers with your domain in.

No other Cloudflare nameservers seem to resolve for your domain so I would guess it’s the former…

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