Error to charge sites for IPV6

Greetings. I require your support and knowledge in the following case. We currently have a cluster deployed in Kubernetes which until June 9 allowed access to the app site without problem. It was evidenced that the site has not loaded since June 12, for which we took the task of reviewing and found that there are ISPs that do load the page and others that do not. The nslookup resolves the domain but when accessing from the browser in which it does not load, it shows an error 521. The certificates are OK, External DNS is OK, we show that the IPV6 in some computers when it is automatic and the Wifi Router resolves DHCP these sites open. The IPV6 and Pseudo IPV4 option is enabled but the error continues. It was found that Claro ISP and Tigo ISP have this novelty.

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