Error: This hostname is not covered by a certificate

Hi there,

In the DNS Zone Editor section, I am seeing an error icon on the left side of the record type that says, “This hostname is not covered by a certificate.” As you can see in the attached screenshot below,

What is the reason for this error? There is a valid SSL certificate installed on my website by cPanel.

Please, anybody tell me if this error is caused by the current web host or not? I just moved my site from Hetzner to WHC. If the problem persists, I can ask them to refund me within 7 days.

I am waiting for your help.

Kind regards,

Your site is currently not using Cloudflare nameservers, so Cloudflare can’t obtain certificates for your domain.

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Hi Laudian,
Thanks for the reply.

You mean once Cloudflare nameservers propagated then it the error will be gone, right?

Yes, after you change your nameservers, the warning should be removed within a few minutes.

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Oh, thank you so much.
I thought this error is coming from the new web host WHC.

Have a great day buddy! :pray: :pray:

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