Error! The site could not be reached!

The site could not be reached. The IP address of the server could not be found.
Did you mean
Search for zexy rip with Google

Hmm, loads securely without an issue, perhaps clear browser cache?

The OP didnt have DNS records earlier.

Retry is. Not going

I resend my domain to my domain hosting when I setup the records is fully functionally setup with Cloudflare get the error page I have a problem with the dns records setup on Cloudflare I want it for the ssl certificate!

Problem with ssl certificate when I go to my site is not secure site ( and for store

Hi @luigibruno583, I visited each of those sites and it loads securely, images attached:


I don’t know how much more ssl you can get. If you are still seeing errors, can you share the specific error you’re receiving and perhaps a screen shot?

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