Error testing your policy: access.api.error.invalid_user_id


I’m experiencing an issue while creating an application access policy.
I created a new allow policy with the only rule to include a group that includes 2 mail addresses. Testing the policy using the first mail address, got access granted but an with the error: “Error testing your policy: access.api.error.invalid_user_id”.
If I test the second mail address present in the group, I have access denied and still the same error “Error testing your policy: access.api.error.invalid_user_id”.
I tried to use only the email addresses and not the group, but the same behavior persists.
Anyone expericing the same issue or have any suggestion?


Hello, the issue still persists. I tried a block policy, including everyone, except a test email and I got this:

The only way to get a real output is to use my Cloudflare’s email:

In facts, the rule is working but I’m still seeing the error above, but still unable to insert more than 1 email.
Again, I added my personal/Cloudflare email, and the rule is no longer working:

Am I missing something at this point?