Error ssl version

It’s been 24 hours, my site wont load with https only, i keep getting the error : ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH
Universal SSL Status Active Certificate : Tried Flexible and Full
With full i get the handshake error. i can acces it from my own computer and my phone but when asking other people to acces it they get that error.

my site is, if on the landig page you arrive to an http page click on the menu, for example “contact”.

What can be the problem?

Just half an hour ago

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i saw it, and i tried it, that’s why i’m creating a new post because it did not seemed to be the exact seem problem altought we had the same error

Flexible and Full are unrelated in this case (and it should be always at least Full anyhow). How long have you waited before re-enabling it? Can you post a screenshot of the certificate status? It did say “Active”, didnt it?!

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it WAS active untill now, it says expired now, because I disabled the universal ssl, i’ll give it some more time like 30 min and try again, if the problem persists i’ll come here, if there’s any other suggestion or modification i can make in the settings i’ll take it.

If it really takes too long, open a support ticket at

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