Error: SMTP Reverse DNS

Help Reverse DNS (RDNS)
Whenever I do a verification of my mail in for example mail-tester, I get this error, that Reverse DNS (rDNS) is not correct.

Although I added a DNS PTR Record
But I have not been able to solve this problem and I already have 3 days with this problem.

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You cannot possibly have added a valid PTR record. Ipv4 reverse DNS is assigned by PTR records in the zone or a corresponding child zone as appropriate. This means that unless you have a domain that ends in in your Cloudflare account, any PTR record you created is meaningless.

Before you start trying to figure out what child zone to add to your Cloudflare account, it is important to understand that unless you have your IP allocation from a Regional Internet Registry (RIR), you aren’t going to be running your own reverse DNS zone in your Cloudflare account.

If your mailserver IP is exclusive to your domain, your ISP will often have a means for you to configure the corresponding PTR record. It may be something that you can set yourself or you may need to contact them. If that mailserver is shared with other domains, it is unlikely that you will be able to set a matching hostname in the PTR.

There are more important questions to contemplate. Are you trying to set a PTR record because you are seeing it referenced in NDRs or are you just reacting to information presented to you by an automated email testing site? Have you correctly configured SPF, DKIM and DMARC for your domain? That is far more important these days than the outdated practice of forward-confirming reverse DNS.

If I add all the mail certificates, I am only left with this Reverse DNS problem, I have read a bit about this and this can cause my mails to arrive in the spam folder.

And I checked it, I sent an email to my Outlook account, from my domain and I receive it in the spam folder

I Get a VPN with TNA Hosting
My DNS is on cloudflare

What do you recommend is that I contact TNA to see if they can help me with the Reverse DNS problem?

Correct. They are the only ones who can set that PTR record. With Digital Ocean VPS, you can set the PTR from their dashboard. You might search your provider’s documentation for a similar option and contact their support if you do not.

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